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Well no one has ever called me a master of social media nor that of updating my website..... so says my last blog in 2020 🫠

Lots have changed in the world in the last three years and as we all know the pinch of the new economy is real.  All small business have felt this over the last few months, and as a human I completely understand.  I want to say a humungous THANK YOU for the on going support and referrals all you lovely people have provided my humble family. 

I am so excited to get back in to what feels like the first normal wedding season and a full calendar of minis booked for the year.

As always we are adding new and exciting options for cake smashes, we now have rentals of many wedding items as well as a new hoop backdrop for your photobooth options.

Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous and memory making 2023!

As always your friend and photographer

C xo

Our First Blog Entry

February 21, 2019

Over the last year CC Squared has become something Cory and I only dreamed it could be.  That has only happened due to the support of so many loyal customers, word of mouth and referrals.  

We have been blessed to get to meet so many new families this way and with each lovely session there is the opportunity for more expansion.

This is the basic premise of how CC Squared Photography is able to be who we have always been and always will be.

Often we get asked why we have kept our pricing structure lower then average.  The answer is simple.  We will not spend significant amounts on marketing and advertising.  We feel that the service we provide, who we are and some good old fashion hard work should be what keeps drawing us business.   So we pass the saving on to our customers.  The people that work everyday just as hard as we do.  We know that everyone wants those beautiful photos framed and hanging on the wall but trying to save is not a easy task anymore.   

CC Squared Photography will always work with what our customers can feel comfortable and happy with.  You will always see us volunteering at events and charities, and chances are you may stumble across a gift certificate while at a local fundraiser.  

Keep humble loves


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